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The Deep Dive Bundle

While you are welcome to enroll in either the Career Clarity Kickstart or the Job Offer Accelerator™ individually, most clients are best supported through the Deep Dive Bundle, so you can receive my full support throughout your entire career transition: from thoughtfully discerning your calling to confidently landing that job through a masterful and efficient job hunt process.

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in the career clarity kickstart, you'll receive...

A vivid understanding of who God created you to be, through the lens of your four most career-informing attributes:

- Your innate talents (different from your skills or strengths)
- Your spiritual gifts
- Your personality
- Your core values

A clear picture of how you're meant to serve with those attributes, separating your fluctuating interests from your long-lasting passions, and discerning what is meant to be pursued in your vocation vs. extracurricularly.

A thorough and research and exploration process to deeply evaluate the career options you're already pondering, in addition to gaining exposure to new options where needed.

A tailored set of job roles, industries, and/or companies that will light you up and allow you to energetically apply the best of your talents to your work (all while fulfilling your top preferences *praise hands*).

22 email scripts for every part of your job hunt (yep, done-for-you templates from networking, to follow ups, to salary negotiations)

​The 5 essential steps to getting a job in a totally new field (without having to go back to school)

A career clarity exercise to get in touch with your deepest dream

A way to get crystal clear on your criteria for a sustainably satisfying career

The step by step networking guide to help you find & confirm the specific job opportunity that aligns with your purpose

​The research strategies to tap into the hidden job market (85% of jobs are placed through personal connections, NOT on LinkedIn!)

A full skills audit exercise to make a solid case that you’re qualified for the role (even if you have a different background)

​The LINKEDIN Facelift: how to make your profile into a job opportunity MAGNET

​The ultimate RESUME guide, teaching you how to write an interview-winning resume (with 29 pages of examples, steps, & detailed FAQs)

​Template: how to write a legendary COVER LETTER in 5 steps

​The direct strategy to getting the hiring manager to push you through the interview process (even if you have little to “no” experience in that industry)

​How to present yourself as a consultant, not a candidate, to hit your interviews out of the park

​The ultimate salary negotiation guide (even if you currently feel terrified and undeserving of asking for more. This training alone is worth the whole program.)

in the job offer accelerator™, you'll receive...

*All above results, services, and timelines listed may vary from client to client and are contingent upon each client's goals and circumstances, the pace at which they process discussion points in our sessions, as well as their willingness to invest time, thought, and follow-through on the recommended actions between our coaching sessions. Outcomes are not guaranteed, but you can see a variety of "Client Success Stories" on the kelseykemp.com/coaching page to get a sense of what past clients have achieved.

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4 x 75 min private coaching sessions, complimented by 11 in-depth guides and exercises designed to not only help you through this next career decision, but through future career decisions for years to come.

5 to 7 weeks, depending on your preferred pace and goals.

how does it work?

how long does it take?

Lifetime access to the JOA online course library (including the resources mentioned above), complimented by weekly Q&A "office hours" style calls within our private, clients-only LinkedIn group.

JOA is completely self-paced with all resources immediately available at your disposal. You will have access to the LinkedIn group and weekly group coaching calls for up to 6 months, though you are welcome to complete your job hunt as quickly as you'd like.

To apply for The Career Clarity Kickstart or the Deep Dive Bundle, schedule a consultation below. Spots are limited and these programs are selective.

If you are only interested in The Job Offer Accelerator™, you can enroll for immediate access (no application or consultation required) here:

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Discern your calling and practically identify the job(s) that align with it.

Actually LAND that job with efficiency, confidence, & speed

The Career Clarity Kickstart

How? With the help of my library of 24+ step by step strategy guides, tools, and done-for-you templates, PLUS up to 6 months of weekly group coaching calls for all your job search Q&As.

A 1:1 career coaching program, including 4 x 75 min coaching sessions, completed within 5 to 7 weeks, depending on your preferred pace and goals.

The Job Offer Accelerator™

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