The word "calling" is thrown around so much, we don't know what it means anymore! Hint: it's definitely not the same (or as simple) as what you're passionate about. A few months ago, I realized I was helping people find purpose and fulfillment in their career as a career coach, but I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW exactly what the Bible said a calling is!

I was also unclear on the wholistic biblical picture of how God intended us to handle our careers and found it's DEFINITELY not as one-dimensional as "just work hard" - it's so much better than that. So I started researching like crazy and was constantly shocked no one seems to be talking about this...

So today I'm starting off the topic of what the heck a calling actually is (according to the Bible) by introducing a concept that is boiled down from a multitude of passages:

Your primary vs. your secondary calling

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The difference between your primary and secondary calling, and the myths that might keep you from finding your calling