From Texas to Singapore to Washington D.C., my friend, Arianne Minks, is forging her path in politics while being rooted in Christ. Arianne is currently serving as a Confidential Assistant in the Unites States Department of the Treasury, and there is no shortage of interesting twists and turns in her story that have led her to this point!

In this episode, Arianne talks about the risks she's taken in her life and how God has opened doors for her to fulfill her calling to work on Capitol Hill.

"I would recommend anyone study or intern abroad in college. You learn so much about yourself and the world. You need to know who you are and be able to sit alone and be ok with who you are."

"You know those dreams in your heart that you don't even want to name, they're so sacred? Going to D.C. was one of those dreams, and it was such a sweet gift from God. I didn't even apply for an internship - that's how great God is!"

“It’s worth it to live boldly and courageously as a child of God. Answer the call your Creator put on your heart for a reason, and He will bring it to completion through you.”

"When God wants you to walk down a path, He'll swing the door wide open."

Always send a follow up "thank you email" when you make a connection with someone (especially a potential business contact)

Always accept an invitation to interview for a position. It's a great opportunity to practice your interviewing skills, make connections, and learn more about the company.

Don't forget: interviews are as much them interviewing you as you are interviewing them. Ask questions, get to know the team, and pay close attention to observe the culture of the office.

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Called to Capitol Hill: Serving God's Kingdom through government and politics