“If we’re all God’s little princes and princesses, why do so many people have to endure such terrible suffering?” What does that say about God? What does that say about what I’m called to do?

These are the fundamental questions that shaped Alex Park’s path as he followed God’s call to care for those in unimaginable suffering. We're talking war, genocide, human trafficking, etc. This led him to pursue a career in the military, starting in the Army and going through the absolutely brutal testing to become a Green Beret. He is now back in his hometown of Los Angeles preparing for law school so he can continue his calling in the international security sector from a different angle.

In this episode, you'll hear Alex speak about:

- The origins of understanding his calling as a teenager when he realized he absolutely could not turn a blind eye to the world’s atrocities
- How he reckoned with God as he sought to understand why He would allow such suffering
- How a calling is a combination of the burden or mission God put on your heart and your talents
- How you can be serving your calling through a variety of different avenues that God will lead you to
- And seriously 10004723 other things that have already drawn me back to listen to this episode for the 3rd time since recording!!!

"You find a true sense of belonging in your work when you're doing work that utilizes your talents while solving a problem you care about deeply. You experience joy as you witness redemption through your work by taking a broken thing and making it a whole (or at least more whole) thing."

“When you follow God, none of your pain of sorrow is in vain. He uses it to form you and the people around you to be more like Him.”

"Your personal identity shouldn't come before your faith to God."

“It’s the greatest gift to be given something to give back to God.”

“If you actually read the Bible, it doesn’t match up with a lot of our platitudes in the way we think they work.”

“When you are connected to the heart of God, you start to be disturbed by the things he has given you to be disturbed about and rejoice over the things he rejoices over. To get to that point you have to be in prayer and consistently spend time studying the word of God in the Bible.”

Not all callings are butterflies and rainbows:
When Got leads you to defend those suffering under violet oppression

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