Core Beliefs

My career coaching practice is founded upon the following biblical standpoints:

Is this really it?
Could there be more for me?
Wait, what does God want me to do: “Be responsible” or “follow my dreams” - WHICH IS IT!?
Is it even possible that I have some grand calling, or do I just need to suck it up?

*Cue me spiraling for a year as I tried to find “my calling” by watching countless hours of TED Talks, Googling, stalking people I admired, reading book after book, listening to hundreds of self-development podcasts, and taking every personality test I could find (Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, StrengthsFinder, StandOut, GEMS, stupid BuzzFeed quizzes, the list goes on.*

Then it hit me.

After a year in business, I knew I had the ability to help people design a career they love, but all the while, God was tugging at my heart to make me realize I was selling the dream of “finding your calling” while ignoring the only true source of it: Jesus. When I cracked open the Bible, I realized I had NO IDEA what God says a calling is, or how He intended for us to handle our careers!

It broke my heart to realize I was secularizing what was sacred, preaching how to find fulfillment and meaning from your job, instead of the Lord - the only source of true fulfillment.

But as I studied the Bible more and more, I was shocked that so few people are talking about the fact that God has laid out the answers we’ve been looking for (but in all the wrong places)!

Despite sitting through a lifetime of sermons, Bible studies, Christian podcasts, and reading a load of books, somehow these BURNING questions of mine went unanswered: 

End of story? Not for a second. That was only the start.

Why did God commission us to a life of work?

What is the biblical definition of a calling?

AND WHOA - HOW do you find your unique calling?

WAIT - Why is all of this so important anyway!? Does it really matter that we find our calling or should we just carry on diligently, cut the paychecks, pay the bills, save for retirement, and then die after a few years of river cruises?

It quickly became apparent to me that if no one around me was sharing the answers to these questions, I was going to pick up the baton and do it myself while using my career coaching abilities to guide and support people through transformation as a result of this message.

I have never felt so much conviction and flow as I have worked to create courses, resources, coaching programs, podcasts, and speeches to help you step into the career you are called to.

Our first calling is to respond to the call to faith in Jesus Christ, believing that Christ alone, having lived the perfect life, sacrificed Himself as a ransom for our sins, so that by grace through faith (not by works) we can participate in his death and resurrection through belief, repentance, and baptism (Acts 2:36-39) to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and the promise of eternal life with God in heaven.

No individual/unique calling to a certain mission was ever meant to come before living out the first calling Jesus gave to you: believe and follow Him, living a faithful life, abiding by the Truth of the Bible, and making disciples (sharing the Gospel message and actively helping others grow in their faith). After all, how can you really know your "calling" if you don't know the God who calls you?

Although, the Word does say that God is the giver of every good and perfect thing (James 1:16-18) and that God wants us to ask and receive His provision and care (Matthew 7, people often point to verses 7-11, but you have to read at least the whole chapter for context), I want to be clear that we have to firmly resist the “prosperity gospel” that essentially claims that Jesus died a brutal death on the cross so that I could receive all the riches, happiness, and “abundance” I want. This view refutes the truth that Jesus died and rose again so that he could bear the punishment I deserve for the sins that render me unable to have eternal life with God without Jesus’ atonement as a perfect sacrifice. Jesus did say that He came so that, "we may have life, and life to the full (or 'abundantly' in other translations)"in John 10:10, but I believe this "life to the full" is describing the inner/spiritual/eternal reward and hope we have in our relationship with Jesus, not material possessions or wordly happiness. My point: I do not believe we are owed a "happy" or prosperous career, but in seeking to be faithful with the opportunities and assignments God has given us, I believe, in His graciousness, more joy and provision may come.

My mission to help believers use their life’s work to serve the Lord with the gifts and resources He entrusted to them, so we can get to the end of days, meet Jesus face-to-face, and hear:

Matthew 25:23

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”

In the midst of this mental mayhem, I looked around and realized that many of my friends were experiencing the exact same thing as they were daunted by the same unanswered questions.

If my friends and I were all desperate for answers to the same problem, why don’t I commit myself to creating a solution?

So I turned in my notice, got certified in professional coaching (CPC from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), spent months creating and testing a process that would bring peace, ease, and speed to finding a career you love, and launched a career coaching practice.

in a nutshell

I live in Austin, Texas

I'm a certified career coach

I'm a follower of Jesus Christ

Misc: vegan, cat mom, podcaster

in a story...

"Put your head down and pay for your dues at a big, reputable company for the first 3-5 years, and THEN you can start thinking about what you actually want to do."

That was the advice drilled into me, so that's what I did.

I got the coveted job in emerging technology consulting. I tried to convince myself I was satisfied trading my health, joy, full potential for the sake of a high salary, status, benefits, and solving problems I could care less about.

In the endless grind, I could never shake this whirlpool of thoughts:

My                    is my person