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I help Christ-followers understand what a biblical calling really is and how to find it, so they can step into the careers God designed them for. 

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What does God want me to do with my life!? What’s my calling? How can I land the job, even if I'm making a total career pivot? Answer the Call with Kelsey Kemp provides clarity on it all - from discerning your calling, to understanding the intermix of faith & work, to giving you the practical strategies you need to land a job in a new field. Tune in for new episodes each Tuesday!

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The true, biblical definition of a calling and what it means for how we should handle our careers

The exact steps you can take to discern the specific vocation you were created to flourish in

Reinvigorate your organization or event with an engaging, biblically-backed, career-coach-proven message on how to find and follow your calling through your work

on how to find & follow your calling in your career


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    Including everything you need to know about what values are, the two types of values, the exact questions and exercises you need to define your three core values, how to use them in decision-making, and a list of 68 example values for you to choose from! Yep this guide has it all.

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      Well, you'll have to get clear on your core values first.

      Want to make satisfying career decisions?

      Well, you'll have to get clear on your core values first.

      Want to make satisfying career decisions?